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Shredder structure and working principle

Source: Time:2019-09-17 11:58:37

The paper is sent from the middle of the blade with each other to be divided into many small pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of secrecy. The broken paper means when the paper is cut by a shredder after the paper is treated by a paper shredder. According to the form of the paper cutter, there are broken, granular, segment, foam. The paper shredder, in addition to paper processing, can also cut credit cards, discs and so on.

The structure and working principle of the paper shredder: the shredder has two main components, "paper cutter" and "electric motor," which are closely connected by belts and gears. The motors drive gears, and transmit energy to paper cutters. The paper cutter, by turning, chopped the paper with sharp metal angles.

Some shredders on the market can choose two or more shredding methods. Different shredding methods are suitable for different occasions, if it is a general office occasion, choose segmental, granular, filamentous, and striped. But if you are using some of the more confidential requirements of the occasion must use foam. The paper shredded with four knives is the most advanced working method.

Shredder cutting principle after blade or tool dislocation placement, in the role of power source to tear the paper. If the cutter or blade is provided with a knife tip, the effect of the shredded paper is segmented or granular, and if the cutter or blade is not provided with a knife tip, the effect is striped.

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